What Hair Product You Should Use for Your Hair?

Hair Product

While there’s no solid proof as to which comes first, the battle between gel, wax and pomade are still ongoing. Men who are into styling have been struggling about which will hold their hair and at the same time, will suit their hair’s need.

Which Product is the Best When it Comes to Men’s Hair?

The number of hair products that the market sells nowadays is already overwhelming, plus the fact that there are three choices to choose from. Pomade, gel, and wax always have the close fight about which is the best for giving men the hairstyle they desire.

Not only does the hairstyle becomes the focus but also the hair issues men have. While others are suffering from dry, stiff hair, there are men who are struggling from oily, lifeless crowning glory. These things should be the factors that men should consider to find out which product would work for them.


Coming in two types – oil-based and water-based, this product is able to provide medium to strong hold. The outcome can also be matte or shiny, depending on the user’s choice. If you’re looking for a less-shinier and stiffer outcome, water-based pomade is recommended but, if you’re looking for a shinier and easy-to-rinse product, then oil-based pomade is right for you.

Pomade vs wax has the closest fight, so if you’re not certain about which one to choose, here’s a quick fact about wax.


For normal to oily hair with about short to medium length, this product works pretty well. The best thing about this product is that it do not stiffen your hair, however, it needs to be re-applied from time to time as it does not last like pomades do. Overall, it gives an almost matte finish that makes adding texture and thickness to one’s hair easily.

On the other hand, there’s gel.


Gel has always been the first choice for starters but that doesn’t mean that it is left for testing purposes alone. Compared to the other two, gel provides the strongest hold. It gives a shiny, wet look that lasts for 24 hours, however, it doesn’t allow you to re-style your hair first so you need to wash your hair pretty well prior to styling again.


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